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I want you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to online marketing for your business. My goal is to help more businesses not just get online, but start seeing SUCCESS online.

What promises do I make?

What I will promise is that I will show you how you can greatly improve what you’re doing, how you can make your online marketing and sales much easier on yourself, how you can build a sustainable and reputable business, and how you can implement the online marketing techniques that work, and do it in a non-shady way.

Let me give it to you straight:

Most people are spending their time working on the wrong things when it comes to online marketing.

You see, anyone these days can create a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Heck, most of my clients had a LinkedIn page before working with me, but were NOT seeing ANY results.

Here’s the hard truth:

If you met someone who told you that a particular strategy works for every industry, I’d simply run in the other direction.

There is some truth to the fact that almost every business does need certain elements like a landing page, graphics, opt-in forms, etc to see success! There is definitely some truth there!!!

Here’s the HARDER truth:

If you aren’t utilizing these sites the right way with the best strategies for your particular INDUSTRY, LOCAL AREA, or BRAND, I’d tell you to simply delete your account and stop wasting your time and your money.

But you don’t delete your accounts and that’s probably because you see the success that other businesses are having through online means and you want that success for your business too!

Here is the problem:

You just aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you are doing all this research online and trying to implement too many things at once without a game plan. 

You want more time in our life. You’d like to know that you are spending your time doing the RIGHT things. You’d like to spend less time working on the wrong things, and more time enjoying your success. Well I’m here to tell you that you can see that success and take your business to the next level.

Sound interesting?

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Feel free to take advantage of my research, my experience, my network, the knowledge from my success as well as my failures. I will deliver to you the best of the best online marketing knowledge that is working right now. As the online marketing world is in constant evolution, there is always great need to get your business first on a solid foundation online, and that is where we can start too!!


About Kristen SonsmaIf you are looking to know more about how I know what I know, my resume is actually pretty exciting to read through in my opinion. Check out my LinkedIn Profile if you are nosy like me and really want to know my full background & experience!

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My career has been dynamic, fun, challenging, and innovative. I started my life working in commercial real estate where I fell in love with all things housing.

Then, I made the bold move to working in professional sports where many would say this is where I fell in love with sales!

I worked my ass off a ridiculous amount of hours to move up in the company getting the amazing opportunity to work in the AFL, NHL, MLS and be a part of so many great events larger then myself to win numerous sales awards, & then become the 1st Female Sales Manager in the company! It was unfamiliar. It was new. It was EXCITING! It’s an amazing experience to LOVE to go to work everyday (okay, almost every day)

It was the opportunity to:

• Work with thousands of different types of businesses of all sizes.

• See what thousand of other businesses were doing to grow their business.

• Network with successful business owners from around the world.


It was my opportunity to personally:

• Use online marketing to drive sales for myself.

• Stand out from many others in my industry.


I tried many things. Of course some grand ideas failed…but I’m happy to say that many worked!

alumniteam Kristen's Master Degree Kristens World Travel

I’m a two-time National Soccer Champion. While the championships were amazing…it was the lesson I learned about the amount of dedication it takes for that level of success.

I accomplished my own personal goal along the way of getting a master’s degree.

I’ve traveled the world from Fiji, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and so many more. There are still so many places to go and look forward to sharing that with you!

I’ve taught college students the Principles of Marketing and been a Featured Speaker at many Sales Training Workshops where it’s not only about the information I know, but how I’ve been able to implement it – so others can learn from that too!

I’m not here to gloat by any means, but it’s to tell you the story of my journey and how I discovered a HUGE secret along the way!

Something that many people don’t like to talk about. I couldn’t just help myself become successful, I wanted to help others in their business be successful too.

I started to see a trend.

All of my clients were calling me for tips & strategies for their business, or inviting me to happy hour to get my input on their new product launch… and that go me thinking. Me thinking that much can be scary!

We’ve got to do better at tying together our sales & marketing. Why am I giving away all of these tips & strategies to one person and not sharing them with others? Yes we do marketing for awareness. Yes we do sales to close deals. But why aren’t we doing more strategic online marketing to better achieve our overall SPECIFIC goals?

There is a gap in the market that I fill. I plan to continue my love of education to educate others. Share the best of the best when it comes to online marketing tips & strategies that actually convert! Plus, I like to have fun…so there will be a lot of that along the way.


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Kristen’s goal is to help more businesses not just get online, but to start seeing success online creating a greater impact to reach their ideal audience. Her network reaches over 24,000 worldwide who are interested in direct access to the online marketing strategies that work! She’s the go-to resource for many TOP Internet Marketers, Business Coaches, Sports Professionals, & Real Estate Professionals who know her best as the online marketing & conversion expert who can train and implement the top strategies for their businesses!

With lots of sports innuendos & humorous photography, Kristen inspires tens of thousands to take charge of their business success and therefore their happiness in life by providing the resources, tips, and strategies that business owners need today to up-level their business.


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