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Kristen has a unique background mixing two successful careers in both sales & marketing. Her audience not only learns what works to attract buyer’s attention, but what works to convert those buyers into real revenue for your business. She will show you how you can greatly improve what you’re doing, how you can make your online marketing and sales much easier on yourself, and how you can implement the online marketing techniques that work, and do it in a non-shady way.

Tying these crucial pieces together is what will have your audience engaged and wanting more!

Kristen speaks on topics such as Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Client Acquisition Through Social Media, Blogging for Business, Blogging For the Individual, Email Marketing Success, Lead Generation, Sales Through Social Media, Utilizing Social Media With Your Sales Staff, Power Of Images & Your Ideal Buyer, Sports Sales, and related topics.  She has experience (over 25 presentations) as a marketing & sales speaker for audiences from 20 to 200 people.  Kristen is NOT a professional speaker (while she thinks she is hilarious), she is a professional marketer, so her content is practical and actionable always updated based not on what’s currently working, but will continue to work!


How To Book Kristen

**Kristen is available to speak at both in person & virtual events**

1) Choose a Speaking Program Or Request A New Topic

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3) We Call You And Confirm The Details

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5) You Get All The Credit For Having Kristen Present & You Look Like A Rockstar!

Speaking & Training Programs

Online Marketing Topics

We can create a speaking presentation around a current topic of interest based on the needs of your audience and desired outcome. From Facebook Advertising, Graphics That Help Convert, Telesummits Done Right, To Client Acquisition Strategies For CEO’s there’s a little something for everyone. 

Utilize Online Marketing To Actually Drive Business To Your Company

Cut through the crap of information out there on the web & discover actionable steps to drive targeted leads to your business.  Your attendees will feel invigorated by the opportunities that online marketing can provide to them and their staff leaving with actionable takeaways & a plan to acquire new clients that week!

New Rules Of Online Marketing

The online world has profoundly changed the rules. Innovative marketers now communicate with buyers through content & image rich Web sites, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, e-books, and other online media that buyers actually want to consume. The best part is that they are eager to share it all too!

This a practical discussion about the new reality of marketing & making it work in your business.

Social Media Sales 101: Build Your Online Marketing Success Today!

Discover how you can leverage what you are doing online that can make a huge impact on your business today. Leave knowing you are spending your time in the right places, doing the right things, maximizing each of their benefits, and capturing targeted leads along the way. Your audience will leave knowing how to simplify the sales process through strategic online marketing!


Are you looking to hire a trainer for you, your company, or your staff? Send us a message about the topic of interest and we can customize a program for you based on your time available! From online marketing to sales training, Kristen can customize a program that best fits your needs. 


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