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KristenForOnlineMarketingPLEASE NOTE: Sonsma Media has limited space for a few more clients where we develop, launch, and implement a variety of online marketing services done right for business owners, business coaches, marketing consultants, & entrepreneurs including both online and offline companies.

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Think you can’t afford to do online marketing right? What is the cost of NOT doing online marketing right?

For the business owner: You are successful because of what you know and probably don’t have the time or energy to add online marketing done right to your plate! Here at Sonsma Media we take that off your plate. We sit down, evaluate your goals, determine where you should be spending your time with online marketing, then implement like crazy. It’s a collaborate process!!

For the social media professional: You have a social media business in place but… you are either working with too many clients to be able to do the work yourself, aren’t familiar with all that you should be doing to do it right, or simply looking for a bit more free time in your life. Outsource your social media to us! We will even advise you on what we need from each client to make you look like a ROCKSTAR.

For the business coach or consultant: You are helping other business owners reach amazingness and probably wanting to grow your email list, pump out some livestreams & telesummits, and even put up a few landing pages to drive qualified leads. You might know what elements you need and would like help implementing specific items to support your current goals in your business growth. From telesummits done right to landing pages that convert…we’ve got you covered!

Facebook Marketing

It’s more then just putting up a simple post online. What are the images you are using? Where are you leading traffic? How many people are actually even seeing your content? Here at Sonsma Media we help not only organize your content, but will create content for your specific business too! It’s about content, frequency, images, and so much more…

Want to grow your Facebook fans? Yep, we even help with this too to grow your network!

Facebook Ads

Are you taking advantage of an advanced network that can drive UBER targeted leads & traffic for your business?

If you aren’t yet…you might want to consider adding this to your online marketing portfolio. Whether you want to target SUPER local within 10 miles of your area or you want to drive leads from around the world from those in need of your services, we’ve got the tools and know how to make it happen.

Interested in getting leads for 75 cents? Yeah that intrigues most people too!

Twitter Marketing – 140 Character Branding

Think Twitter is dead? Or maybe you have only just seen a bunch of Twitter spam? Twitter is a great tool to ENGAGE with your targeted marketing. More perfect for certain industries and branding purposes, Twitter allows you to engage in a pool of potential clients or networking partners.

Want to grow with fresh targeted twitter followers? Yep, we even help with this too to grow your network!

Instagram Marketing – Use Images To Tell a Story

We are IN LOVE with Instagram. Your story can become easily lost in the mix. With the use of imagery you gain the power of authenticity, exposure, and simply just showing that your company is a real business.

I bet you didn’t know how to drive traffic with Instagram…but we do!

Want to grow your Instagram Followers? Yep, we can even help do this too. 

LinkedIn For Success

LinkedIn is not new to the game of online marketing, but still many people are not taking full advantage of this site.

What does your profile say about you? Would you want to work with yourself if you saw your profile?

You are running your business, but are you keeping in touch with your network in an effective way to drives leads and traffic. Are you connecting with EVERY contact you make? Never make another cold call again!!

To take your business to the next level….LinkedIn is where you need to be at.

Email Marketing

Ummmm….are you still sending out a newsletter to your clients or are you actually participating in email marketing? Are you quantifying the click-thru rates of your emails? Do you include a call to action? Are you driving leads & traffic EVERY time you send an email?

If not…let’s be sure we schedule a time to talk this week.

Telesummits Done Right To Drive Business Growth

Look right here if you are looking for an immediate jump or impact on your business right now! What an amazing way to grow your email list, connect with other amazing people around your industry, drive qualified leads to your business, & position yourself as the GO TO in your industry!

Whether you aren’t sure how to set it all up or maybe you want to see it done right so you can focus elsewhere, we can help with as little or as much as you need. Emails, reminders, replays, upsells, graphics, promo copy, scheduling, and so much more…

Landing Pages That Convert

Where are you sending your traffic? Seriously! You are spending your time with online marketing driving traffic, but can you see the results. Are you able to tell me what % of people opt-in to your email list who visit your site? This is a MUST HAVE for online marketing success.

What is a landing page?

In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” is a single web page where you can drive traffic. Landing pages are often linked to social media, email campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.

Website Development

Is your website driving you business?

Are you capturing leads through your site?

Is it easy for potential clients to connect with you?

Or maybe you just want something new & fresh to show your clients you are growing!

We’ve got you covered along the way to help you better reach your goals.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

With online marketing images are almost EVERYTHING for your business. You need a header, a consultation button, Facebook graphics, Twitter graphics, backgrounds, call to action boxes, and so much more. There are very EASY solutions for business owners to start taking control of their images without the use of stock photos!

**With the crack down on the illegal use of images online, it’s more important then ever to use your own images for featured blog images and site pages** 

Sales Funnels That Produce Sales

You should already be driving targeted traffic to a landing page and therefore you have people opting in for your free offer. Now, you want to add them to a sales funnel & start converting these visitors to paying clients. This means you want to create a system of emails to go out to them based on certain routes that they may take in the funnel to move them along to something bigger! The result = passive income.

The overall goal of the sales funnel is to drive them to a paid item (membership program or a sales product that will further assist them in what they are looking for)

Auto Responders – Let Your Email Work For You

Seriously….let your emails work for you. When someone opts into your email list (or maybe you still add them in, what emails do they then receive?

What if you could set up a system of automated emails that would automatically go out to your new emails in a systematic way that would let them 1) Get to know you 2) Get to know all the benefits of working with you 3) Provide additional value added perks for them to become more aware of your services AND THEN, use this same system to drive leads into your business?

Well you are in luck because you can! And we can help you map it all out!


We work with a variety of business owners & entrepreneurs in more ways then we can list here. Is there something you need advise on? Is there something you can’t find a solution for in your business.

If not…and if we can’t…I’m sure we can point you in the direction of who does to help save you time!


Got Questions? Or Maybe You Are Ready To Get Started!

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